The Travels of Tricia Jean

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As Dan and Kathryn's journey down Mexico and Central America continues, every once in a great while, they managed to post a few pictures for family and friends to view and enjoy.

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          (Old pages you've seen before)
          Calif. & Baja                  (Oct., 2004 - Feb., 2005)
          Baja & N. Mexico         Feb. - April, 2005

          (New pages.  Posted from Golfito, Costa Rica on Nov 18, 2005)

Southern Mexico     (April-May, 2005)
El Salvador             (May-September, 2005)
Honduras              (June, 2005)
Guatemala              (June, 2005)
Trip to the U.S.      (July-August, 2005)
Costa Rica             (September-November, 2005)