The Travels of Tricia Jean
(June, 2005)

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Frank & Shirly from Windsong and Dennis from Aquestrian walk down a cobblestone street in Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

An incredibly complex ceremonial flint knife made by the Mayans.

Some of the skulls found at the nearby Mayan ruins had decorative jade inlaid in their teeth.

Dan standing under a cacao tree.  The seeds are what chocolate is made from.

These 3 wheeled taxis were everywhere in Honduras and Guatemala.  With no noticeable suspension systems, they gave a really bumpy ride on the cobblestone streets.

One of the many ball courts at the Copan Mayan ruins.

The Mayan site at Copan is known as the Paris of the Mayan world because of the huge amount and quality of art found.  One of the many, many stella.

A close up of one of the stella.  This section contains Mayan writing.

This shows the deep carving the craftsmen at the Copan site are known for.

In a section that had been protected by an overhang from the weathering action of the rain, the carvings were as sharp and clear as though they had been finished yesterday.

Another shot of the incredibly preserved section.

Mother nature does her best to maximize entropy.

A carving on a building thought to be  used as a labor and delivery ward.

Dan makes friends with a parrot at a bird refuge in Honduras. 

Not all of the cool critters in the bird refuge were in cages.

Just one of the many toucans at the refuge.  This one had somehow managed to damage his beak.