The Travels of Tricia Jean
Costa Rica
(September-November, 2005)

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Bahia Santa Elena in Costa Rica.  The bay was so beautiful with parrot filled jungles and quiet, calm water that we stayed for almost two weeks instead of the few days we had originally planned.

Snorkeling at Islas Murcielagos, Costa Rica.

Anchored at an island in the Gulf of Nicoya.

A troop of white faced monkeys that were feeding right next to the trail at Manual Antonio Park in Costa Rica.

This little guy has gotten his face all dirty feeding on grubs and stuff he's finding  in chunks of rotten wood he is tearing apart.

Boa constrictor up in a tree.

The dreaded black palm.  The spines are almost as sharp as hypodermic needles and the tips of them break off after penetrating your skin causing a festering wound.





An iguana guarding our dinghy when we got back from our walk in the jungle.