The Travels of Tricia Jean
(June, 2005)

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A long, long stair that took us up to the top of one of the temples in the Tikal Mayan site in Guatemala.  Tikal made the other Mayan sites we had seen up to this point seem small by comparison.

The view from the top

One of the temples as seen from the ground.

This is what a Mayan building site looks like after the vegetation has been cleared away, but before the archeologists restore it.

The main acropolis area of Tikal.

A trail of leaf cutter ants up a tree trunk.

Standing under an awning to get out of the rain, watching a soccer game on TV through the window of the pizza place in central Coban, Guatemala

This entire river disappears into a hole in the ground, then reappears a half mile later emerging from another hole? Rio Cahabon, Guatemala (near Coban).

Guatemalan countryside as seen from out a bus window.

Looking for a bus stop in Coban we saw a procession.  We never did find the bus, or perhaps it re-routed because of the parade.

I would have thought that they would have rigged up some kind of a wheeled cart for the xylophone, but these guys just carried it as the musician played.

In San Pedro on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  This was our view from a room that cost  less than $10 a night.

San Pedro was a small town.  It did have a couple of streets (2 to be exact), but mostly people got around on paths like this.

These guys were digging this immense hole in the ground through rock behind the hotel.  Kathryn thinks it was for a septic sump.  Dan thought maybe a well.  Either way we were drinking bottled water.

In the mornings the women would bathe and do laundry in the lake.  Even the linens and sheets at the hotel were washed in the lake.

The view of town from the top of the hotel.  The laundry is hung to dry from lines on the rooftops.

A fisherman in his dugout.  The Lake Atitlan dugouts had high bows.

There was a carnival and bullfight in San Pedro while we were there.  One of the activities was this greased pole. There was a prize at the top, a pair of Nike shoes.  Just do it!

A street crowded with people heading for the festival.

Night comes to Lake Aititlan.