The Travels of Tricia Jean
Baja & The Gold Coast of Mexico
(Winter/Spring, 2005)


La Paz

La Paz rainbow

Balloon man - La Paz Carnaval

La Paz Carnaval parade

La Paz Carnaval parade

La Paz Carnaval parade.  Ancient Egyptians and Sponge Bob

Isla Isabella

Isla Isabella landfall

Isla Isabella fish camp

Isla Isabella - Park center and ranger station flanked by the basketball court, then the fishcamp.  Up the hill from the fish camp is a crater lake, and behind that the Monas are peeking over the bluff.  Tricia Jean is anchored just off the right edge of the picture.

Dan works his way down a trail on the western side of Isla Isabella.

Windward side of volcanic Isla Isabella

Isla Isabella rock formations - Las Monas

Isla Isabella - fishing crew heads out to sea

Isla Isabella - the fisherman clean their catch as they approach the beach, attracting a few birds

Inland on Isla Isabella - foliage included introduced pineapple, banana, coconut and sugarcane

Flying frigates - it was like the flying monkey scene in "The Wizard of Oz"

Frigate 4-plex

Frigate display

Infant frigates are pretty homely

Baby frigate practicing the "frigate glare"

Juvenile frigate (fish camp in background)

Blue footed booby couple

Yellow footed booby couple - note the bit of nesting material in the beak

Juvenile booby (Yellow Footed)

Isla Isabella iguana

Isla Isabella basketball court with frigate audience - Dan and Sandy (from yacht Sunner)

This odd boat seemed to be inhabited by 3 men who did not go ashore, although they anchored nearby.  We gave them a fanbelt and received a large rockfish fillet in return.  This bird frenzy was caused by the cleaning of the fish for our dinner.

The dinghy has a guest - Isla Isabella

Dan on Isla Isabella


Zihuataneo malecon

Backside of Zihuataneo malecon - note the propane tanks on the roof

Zihuataneo dinghy parking lot.  We all left our dinghies on this beach and a man named Nat kept an eye on them for tips.

Zihuataneo - a section of palm shaded beach on the malecon was given over to the pescadores to store their gear and pull their pangas up on the beach

Net fisherman in Zihuataneo

Net fisherman in Zihuataneo

Zihuataneo street.  Typical 1/2 finished building

Zihuataneo market

Zihuataneo market

Zihuataneo market

 Blanquita's Zihautaneo taco shop.  Meat tacos were prepared by chopping the meat on a log round block, wrapped in corn tortilla,  and served with onion, cilantro, salsa, lime and chopped radish.  3 tacos for 18 pesos.

Zihuataneo Bay - two kinds of cruising.

Dan in hammock rigged on the foredeck