The Pacific Travels of Tricia Jean

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In the fall of 2004, after our youngest child had left home, my wife (Kathryn Sieck) and I (Dan Best) sold or gave away everything we owned, moved aboard out boat, Tricia Jean, a Tayana 37 and took off over the horizon.


For over two years, we journeyed around the Pacific spending time in 13 different countries and getting to know one another as we never did despite a long time marriage and raising two kids together.  Our journey started in Bodega Bay, California (a little north of San Francisco), took us down the west coast of the Americas as far as Ecuador, then across the Pacific to the Galapagos Islands, Polynesia and Tonga before finally turning around to do that long upwind, 5,000 mile, two month sail home, stopping along the way for just a few days in Hawaii to rest, reprovision and do a little boat maintenance.


These are some photos we took during our travels and the personal journal I kept to keep family and friends back home up to date.  The journal entries were emailed back to everybody as they were written so that they could vicariously come along with us.  I've presented them here as they were written (complete with some typos and grammar errors - though I tried to keep them to a minimum).  Some of them read a bit like a checklist, but I've tried to keep that to a minimum as well.  I hope you enjoy them.


(Click Here for Our Journals)

(Click Here for Photos of Our Trip)


1.     United States

2.     Mexico

3.     El Salvador

4.     Guatemala

5.     Honduras

6.     Costa Rica

7.     Panama

8.     Ecuador

9.     Peru

10. Ecuador (including the Galapagos)

11. Polynesia

12. Niue

13. Tonga